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JOSEP JOVER, born in Terrassa on July 29 of 1955. Lawyer member of the Barcelona Bar Association (ICAB) nº 12668.


  • Bachelor degree in Law from the University of Barcelona, February 1982. 
  • Graduated in Legal Sociology and Psychology from IPSJ Barcelona Bar Association (1981).
  • Diploma in negotiation and mediation from the Barcelona Bar Association and ACDMA, also lecturer in these subjects (2000-2023).
  • Higher Diploma in International and EU Law from Patronat Català Pro Europa. (1983- 1984).
  • Diploma in International Recruitment from Trias de Bes I Giró University. (1984)
  • Diploma in Accounting and Auditing for lawyers from the School of Legal Practices Roda Ventura of Barcelona Bar Association (1985).
  • Auditor registered in AULETEC (ICAB) Register of Legal Auditors in IT environments, number 16.
  • Lawyer registered since 2007 in the Register of Lawyers in order to professionally perform in the European Court of Justice.
  • Certified by ASPERTIC (Mediterranean Association of ICTs experts). Number 1101.
  • Diploma in AI Engineering in 2023. Master’s degree in electronics from the University School of the UPC (1975-1977), where he studied part of his degree in electronic engineering. Diploma in Data Protection from the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas.




  • Public workers training in third generation Human Rights, National Security Framework (ENS) and National Interoperability Framework (ENI) in several institutions, local councils, municipalities from Spain, France and Belgium (207-2020).
  • Providing training to various private and public bodies on Directive 2019/1937 on whistleblowers and on the Anti-Corruption Act 2/2023.
  • Speaker at Barcelona Block Chain Week in several conferences about Hacking and Internet (2017- 2023).
  • Teacher at the School Judicial IT Experts (UDIMA- ANTPJI) 2015-2020)and ASPERTIC.
  • Visiting Professor at trainings in judicial TIC evidence and Access to technologies and social networks for lawyers and judges held in Tarragona, Tortosa, Girona and Barcelona (2019) and at tje Madrid and Barcelona Bar Association (2010-2023) .
  • Speaker at the conferences held by AJUDICAT (Asociación de la Judicatura Eventual Catalana) about privacy and informatics offences on the reform of the Criminal Code 2015 (2017.2018,2019).


  • Lecturer on Law and IT Master in ICADE(Universidad Pontífica de Comellas) (1990-2005); Lecturer on ISDE Master (Business and Law Institute of Heures from Barcelona University) (2000- 2005) and Lecturer on Legal Auditing of IT environments Master (Barcelona Bar Association) and New technologies Master in ICAB, of which he is also a member of the scientific committee (2000-2019).
  • Lecturer on PhD degrees of Barcelona University (UB) (2000-2003)
  • Tutor, together with the Universidad Autónoma’s Statistic Department on the development and analysis of voting intention survey projects. For example, the analysis of voting intention in each of the elections of the Barcelona Bar Association from 1992 until 2004 and the analysis of voting intentions at Terrassa town council elections (1990-1995) and Calafell (2000-2006).
  • President of the Scientific Committee of the several Data Protection Conferences of Teulada i Roda de Barà (2000-2004)
  • Lecturer on Legal Auditing Techniques, Environment Security and Cryptography in IT environments in several courses organized by the Data Protection Agencies of the Community of Madrid, Spain and Catalonia, IEE and by Granada UVS and Seresco.
  • Lecturer at the Public Security Institute – Catalonian Police School (1995-2005), specialized on third generation Human Rights, technological security, Ethic, Corporate Social Responsibility and Police Ethics. Speaker on several conferences about Deontology and technology in the police area.
  • Lecturer on Mediation and Negotiation Techniques in several courses organized by the University of Barcelona, Barcelona Bar Association, Barcelona Psychologist Association, Diputación de Barcelona and Diputación de Alicante. Guest lecturer on Conflicts management at ICADE, IEE and Universidad el Escorial.
  • Speaker on several conferences about Transparency Law and its mechanisms of implementation, technology and law (2010-2019).
  • Speaker at the course on Information Security & Cybersecurity organised by the Centro Superior de la Defensa (CESEDEN) (2012), specifically dedicated to Cyberwarfare.
  • Lecturer in various public and private institutions on the subjects of Directive 2019/1937 on EU law infringement alerts and the Anti-Corruption Law 2/2023 (2018-2023)



  • President emeritus of ASPERTIC ,Mediterranean Association of ITCs Experts, (
  • Chair of the Observatori de Dret Privat de Catalunya de la Comissió de Codificació de Catalunya (2015-2021).
  • Leads ADVERTIA group, task force for Europe. Union of law firms and engineering to carry out lobbying actions in Europe. By virtue of this, it is part of the Group of Spanish Experts for the modification of the Community Regulation on Data Protection and of the ICT commission of the CCBE
  • Vice-president of Management Confederations CIAE & COPYME.
  • Promoter of the European directive on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law.
  • Administrator and manager of the External Complaints Box of the ASPERTIC Alerters Directive 2019/1937, recognized as a European competent authority on issues related to this Directive.


  • First President of the IT Division of the Barcelona Bar Association (1988-2002). Vice-president of European Law Division of ICAB (1986-1989).
  • Representative of the Governing Board of Barcelona Bar Association (1989-1993).
  • Director of the Psychology and Sociology Institute of Barcelona Bar Association (1987-1989). His career includes the management of a great variety of publications, like the report on “The State of Justice in Catalonia” in the Yearbook of Legal Sociology and Psychology, 1979.
  • Member of an Expert Committee appointed by AENOR for the development of the Corporate Social Responsibility ISO and Ethics Procedures for business and institutions (ISO 26000), of which he also acts as a SCR consultant and ISO26000.



  • Free exercising as a Lawyer and ICT Audit since 1983, at the branches of Civil Law, Criminal Law, Commercial Law and European Law. Registered at Barcelona Bar Association since 1983.
  • Chosen in several occasions as arbitrator and expert in ICT security, intellectual property and Corporate Social responsibility.
  • Technical partner with JUDILEX S.L. “experts in compliance”, protection of personal and non-personal data, IT security, rights against privacy and others
  • Administrator and manager of various internal and external complaint boxes (2019-2023)
  • Adviser on Union law issues to various professional associations and public institutions.


  • FULL DE RUTA CAP A l’ADMINISTRACIÓ LOCAL ELECTRÒNICA  and Practical guide to the implementation of eGovernment at local level published by Consultor dels Ajuntaments (2012) (co-author)
  • Report on TISA Treaty requested by several MEPs belonging to ALE-Els Verd Grup and Socialista (2014-2015). (Author)
  • Report on the PEGASUS system at the request of several MEPs from the EFA-Greens, Left and Non-attached groups (2022-2023). (author)
  •  Report on the system of EU-wide telecommunications interception allowed by EUROJUST at the request of several MEPs, belonging to the EFA-Greens, the Left and the Non-attached Group (2022-2023). (Author)
  • Co-author of the rulings commissioned by several Public Administrations on European Law (2017-2020).
  • AUDITORIA DE TECNOLOGIAS I SISTEMAS DE INFORMACIÓN published by Editorial RAMA (2008). Book reissued repeatedly. (co-author)
  • Various works about Data protection and Statistic published by UPCO (Universidad Pontífica de Comillas).
  • L’ADUTORIA INFORMÁTICA, I & II, published by Editorial RAMA (2005) (co-Author).
  • HUMAN RIGHTS AND POLICE, published by Diputación de Barcelona (2005) (co-Author).
  • CITIZEN DATA IN THE MUNICIPAL FILES, published by Diaz de Santos (2007) (co-author).
  • Articles published frequently in DIARIO16 and Confilegal.
  • INTERNET DRET FONAMENTAL, propostas per a reduir la brexa digital i social, published by m4social (2021) (collaborator)


Twitter: @josepjover




Frequent published articles in the media, mainly in Diario16, Tecnonews, Confilegal and Las Repúblicas.

He has spoken on several occasions at the request of the respective committees of the Europarliament, the Congress of Deputies and the Parliament of Catalonia.


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